Somatic Therapy from the Whole Self

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CranioSacral Therapy

** I am now seeing clients in person for this service.  If you prefer, we will both use masks during the Craniosacral session.  If you are fully COVID vaccinated/boosted, sessions can be mask free.  I am fully COVID vaccinated & boosted.  Please wear a mask as you enter our healthcare facility.

What you are experiencing as misery or feeling lost or stuck is not your fault.    You simply lost some of the connection to yourself when you had to survive something overwhelming, painful or invasive.  You might be experiencing the on-going effects of shock — an energetic exiting of Spirit or Life Force.  This can leave you feeling empty or numb inside.

CranioSacral therapy assists the gentle and safe return to feeling more fully embodied.  Mindfulness-based somatic therapy, such as Somatic Experiencing, can be used with the craniosacral session to integrate the embodiment experience.

Are you ready to experience who you are from a more integrated, authentic self?

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