“The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.”

—Peter Levine, PhD, In An Unspoken Voice

Trauma is a group of symptoms that are the result of a loop the nervous system is caught in when it has been unable to complete natural, healthy responses to an overwhelming event. These instinctual responses are often referred to as fight, flight and freeze.

The long-term effects can show up in a huge variety of physical symptoms and even disease states. Some of these are very treatable without ever addressing the underlying cause, but many will only subside once we complete the responses of fight, flight or freeze of the sympathetic nervous system.

​By adding empathy and compassion to the process, your nervous system will be able to complete its cycle, and equilibrium will be restored. The experience is dynamic yet surprisingly gentle.  Using Somatic Therapy, such as Sensorimotor Pscyhology and Somatic Experiencing, along with basic Mindfulness techniques, deep, transformative healing can occur.  These body-centered or ‘soma’ therapies do not replace ‘talk’ therapy; they add to it.

​Each of us has deep strengths that are often not fully embodied or appreciated by us.  When we put these strengths in relationship to our wounds, we begin to heal.  The therapy I offer engages those deep strengths, thus allowing you to experience aspects of the wounding without overwhelm or fear.

​The byproduct of this healing process is that you can become more authentic. You begin to tolerate fear, self-doubt and challenge without collapse, freeze or disease.  Within the healing cycle, you can experience the dynamic pull of your inherent life source, restoring your sense of purpose and meaning.  Essentially, you become “re-membered” to your Authentic Self.


First Session Consultation​

I offer a 30-minute counseling consultation at no cost. I want you to feel good about your choice of a therapist, and I want to feel confident that I will be able to help you with your concerns. Please call me to schedule this first consultation visit.