Trauma is a part of life . . .
and complete recovery is possible.


CranioSacral Therapy

Healing moments occur by combining what you tell yourself with what your body is telling you.  You lost some of this connection when you had to survive something overwhelmingly painful in your past.

You can experience your Being in a whole new way during a CranioSacral Therapy session. Together, we engage the part of the nervous system that is designed to help you restore and recover from many symptoms of trauma and mood disorders.

Are you ready to live life with resiliency, without fear of overwhelm?  I can help you do that.

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Trauma Therapy

It turns out that “trauma” is not the event itself, but rather the way we get stuck in an incomplete response when we feel overwhelmed by pain or fear.

You can break free from anxiety, depression and feelings of living a life that is stuck.  Working with thoughts, emotions and nervous system regulation, you can return to living life with purpose, joy and creativity.

Are you tired of living your life without the energy, passion and clarity that you deserve?   I am here to help.

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About Me

I love the subtle power of this work! I bring to therapy my authentic presence, engaging your experiences with compassion and empathy.

I first experienced the deeply resourcing effects of the Wholistic healing arts in 1981.  I continue today to be fascinated by the bodily sensations and energetic rhythms that inform and heal the whole person – physically, emotionally and mentally.

From my own personal healing, as well as nearly two decades of helping others on their healing journey, I continue to be amazed by the power of the mindbodyspirit connection.  I offer you what I have learned in order to heal.

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